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Submit Your Program for ICTC Validation

Esse Quam Videri
“To Be, Rather Than To Seem”

Do you have a social competence, social skills, or character certificate program that you would like to have ICTC validate and endorse? Consider submitting your program to the ICTC Credentials Board for approval. Submit to

About International Civility Trainers’ Consortium

The International Civility Trainers’ Consortium was established in 2001 by a group of 12 individuals including: university and elementary school teachers, a psychologist, childcare professionals, a sociologist, a lawyer, corporate consultants, a linguist, and several professional trainers and public speakers. The founding members represented Canada, Australia, Singapore, United States, India and Mexico. These industry practitioners, who each had specialized experience in his/her respective field collaborated to devise training curriculum focused on civility, etiquette, and social competence for ages 4+. This mission was undertaken as a means of addressing an identified gap in credible, practical curriculum that would meet the social skills development needs of children, youth, teens and adults in a way that would have meaningful application for users all around the world. Four of the original founders remain on the ICTC Board. Since 2001, ICTC has worked with industry partners, private businesses, community and international groups to customize and validate curriculum. In early 2015, the ICTC Board voted to make its validation process available to private schools, field practitioners, and industry experts who were seeking to offer their own certification programs. Working in partnership with these individuals and groups, ICTC is committed to ensuring the integrity of programs offered to the public.

Validated programs are listed on the ICTC website.

Candidates (learners who have completed their online or in-class requirements and waiting to write the exam) for certification are listed on the ICTC website.

Approved ICTC Validated Program Resellers and Providers are listed on the ICTC website.

Individuals who have passed their certification exams and achieved various levels of certification status through ICTC are listed on the ICTC website.

Benefits of Having Your Program Validated

  • Validated programs are listed on the ICTC site where visitors can see that they are legitimate, validated programs.
  • Having a validated program differentiates you as a leader in your niche area of expertise.
  • Validated credentials are in high demand by industry practitioners.
  • Program owners retain copyright and distribution rights to their programs.
  • ICTC manages the confidential and secure administration of the validated program exams.
  • ICTC is the only distributor of the validated program certificates to individuals who graduate from the validated programs.
  • Graduates of validated programs are listed on the ICTC site with a verification code. This enables prospective clients, employers etc. to confirm their credentials.
  • ICTC automatically offers references and verification of credentials to registered graduates.
  • Validated program owners are provided with an ICTC Validated badge that they can insert onto their program fliers and materials and also post on their websites
  • ICTC actively promotes validated programs to ICTC members and generally (around the world) via social media, press releases, blogs, and awareness campaigns.

Program Validation Process

  1. Submit your application to ICTC using the application form provided (insert jot form)
  2. ICTC Certification Board will review your application and possibly send you questions or request a telephone or Skype call to ask for clarification
  3. Within 90 days you will receive notification of whether your program has been approved
  4. Once approved ICTC will send you a formal letter of approval as well as the ICTC badges for your materials and website.
  5. ICTC will send out a press release
  6. ICTC will send out a notification to ICTC members and public at large inviting them to register for your program
  7. You are encouraged to submit your calendar of events and training program details for listing on the ICTC website
  8. When you sign up a trainee, or one of your trainee signs up, to take the exam associated with your program:
    • You or the trainee will pay exam admin fees
    • ICTC representative sets a date with you and/or the trainee to write the exam
    • ICTC sends a link with dictated timeline and guidelines for the exam to the exam taker
    • Within 12 hours of completing the exam, the exam taker receives notification of his/her score.
    • ICTC will notify you- the program owner of outcomes of the exam.
    • Successful exam takers will be forwarded verification code and certificate.
    • Successful exam takers will be listed on the ICTC graduates site.

Types of Programs Accepted

ICTC accepts programs for ages 4+ in the following topic areas:

  • Confidence, self-esteem, self-respect
  • Mindfulness, thinking skills, world view
  • Civility, respect, The Golden Rule, kindness, ethics
  • Social Competence, interpersonal relationships
  • Cultural Competence, cross-cultural communications, diversity
  • Etiquette, courtesy
  • Business acumen
  • Communication skills
  • Personal and professional image
  • IF you have a program but are not sure if it fits the ICTC mandate, please contact

Program Requirements

  • Program name
  • Overview statement 1-2 lines summarizing what the program is about
  • Your complete name
  • Your complete address including country
  • Your company name and business registration number
  • Years you’ve been in business
  • Indication of whether business is a partnership, incorporation or If yes, when was the program first offered? _______
  • Has the program been endorsed or validated by any governing bodies, agencies, associations or other? Yes____ No ___ If yes, by whom? _______________________
  • Length of program _________hours  IMPORTANT: ICTC requires that programs be minimum 40 hours and maximum 240 hours to be approved.
  • Languages the program will be delivered in: _______________________ IMPORTANT: ICTC requires that all submissions be in English. In addition, ICTC requires that the program owner submit a second set of exam questions in any/all additional languages that the exam will be offered in.
  • Is there homework? ______________ (Please attach copies)
  • Is there pre-work? _______________ (Please attach copies)
  • Are there any pre-requisites to take the program? Yes___ No___
  • Who is the target audience? ______________________
  • Who owns the program? _________________________
  • Who wrote the program? _________________________
  • Were there any other contributors? _________________
  • How is the program delivered:
    • Face to face (live) ______
    • Self-study e.g., by mail delivery or e-delivery __________
    • Online ____________
    • Blended learning __________________
  • Are you aware of any similar programs? Yes_____ No________ if yes, please list:
  • What are the key outcomes of the program?
  • What are the benefits of the program to the learner?
  • What learning objectives are addressed by the curriculum? (please list all or attach a training plan/outline)
  • What core competencies does the program address/teach?

Submission Guidelines

  •  All documents must be submitted together as one submission. Documents/components submitted separately will not be acknowledged
  •  Please put ICTC Submission and your name in the subject line for ALL communications related to your submission.
  •  All program materials and submission documents must be submitted as e-copies. Please provide copies in word- this will enable the reviewers to insert notes and recommendations.

How Are Programs Validated?

  • Program submissions are initially reviewed by a program administrator who ensures that all the submission components have been submitted.
  • Once the submission is confirmed as “complete” it is forwarded on to a panel of 4 ICTC program reviewers. These panel reviewers are chosen at random from a group of 12 ICTC Board members.
  • The panel reviews the submission and considers the following criteria:
    • Relevance of the program in the current market and/or the program owners anticipated market
    • Academic level, and/or academic equivalency and appropriateness for the anticipated program audience.
    • Accuracy and correctness of the program materials.
    • Overall approach, consistency of tone, professionalism, grammar, and writing level.
    • Considerations and/or application for diverse market and broad audience.
    • Benefits to the program taker e.g., is the credential valuable and marketable?
    • Completeness of the program, e.g., are all the submission components comprehensive.
    • Ownership and copyright, e.g., is there evidence that the program content is original and created by the program owner
    • Sale-ability, e.g., ICTC endorses validated programs and so ensures the cost of the programs is not prohibitive
    • Content, e.g., is the program presented in an unbiased, civil, and respectful way that does not encourage stereotypes, discrimination, etc.
    • Support, e.g., does the program owner have capacity to deliver the program
    • Logical concept, e.g., does the program material make sense? Is it current? Is the layout and flow of the program sensible?
  • Once a review is completed, the Board forwards the final review notes and/or recommendations to the Director of Credentials- currently Mr. Marwan Asmar.

NOTE: Please do not contact Mr. Asmar or ICTC Board Members or Advisor directly to submit programs, discuss exams, submissions or procedures. Any perceived impropriety or conflict of interest will result in immediate disqualification of the program applicant and may result in dismissal of the ICTC representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I retain my copyright and ownership of the program(s) I submit?

Yes, you retain 100% ownership. ICTC does not make any claim to the content. The only content ICTC will retain after your program has been approved is the exam question file you submit; this because the exam is housed in secure ICTC exam site.

How long does the validation process take?

Validation takes 4-6 weeks.

Is there a cost to be validated and approved?

Yes, there is a $299US application fee.

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