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About The International Civility Trainers’ Consortium

Accredited Trainers, Memberships, Resources & More

If you are someone who is working in the civility training field, or if you are thinking about starting a civility training business, please consider that if you call yourself a civility trainer you must  then present yourself in a truthful, responsible way. ICTC validated certification programs range from minimum 40 hours to 240 hours of required training and all certification programs require that candidates pass exams, complete interview with ICTC Board members, show evidence of field experience, and meet additional requirements depending on the Certification program they are working towards. ICTC takes credentials very seriously. ICTC Standards are not “de facto” standards, they are actual, industry validated, internationally reviewed, and in some cases government and/or institution endorsed.  Individuals using ICTC certification badges without permission, and/or suggesting in print or orally that they are authorized representatives or graduates of ICTC if they are not, and/or individuals claiming ownership of validated programs or materials if they are not the original and true copyright holder of those materials, will be held accountable including legal consequences.

Please also consider the damage you can do to your own reputation as well as to the industry overall when you use the label “certified” in reference to a program that is not validated e.g., programs you buy online for $99 or $299 and/or credentials that someone offers you based on your completing a few quiz questions or a short, e.g., 3-hour online course. When you teach civility, you are potentially impacting how people – and in some cases young, impressionable, people – think, how they live, and how they treat others, this is an important responsibility that demands practitioners spend adequate time acquiring and practicing the knowledge, skills and abilities that underpin the ability to be civil. Simply reading a book on etiquette or re-labeling other training, e.g., general image, communication, and etiquette, “civility”, does not equate to investing hundreds of hours, writing validated exams, and being assessed by industry mentors and leaders in the field. ICTC is proud to train, support, and endorse, proven expert practitioners.

What Does the ICTC Do?

ICTC’s mandate to bring together practicing civility experts from all over the world to collaborate, exchange ideas, consult, and coach each other towards building a comprehensive resource of current, relevant, and culturally-correct civility training tools and curriculum that is applicable world-wide.

ICTC offers:

  • Validated civility certification programs and materials
  • A rigorous review process whereby individuals and organizations can have their programs reviewed, approved, and endorsed by ICTC
  • International civility standards
  • Civility skills assessments
  • Publishing opportunities for endorsed programs and materials
  • Internationally approved, confidential and credible Certification Exams and exam administration
  • Internationally recognized endorsement for individuals and organizations who are delivering programs that meet ICTC’s standards.
  • A registry of certified civility trainers
  • Calendar of certification program events and training opportunities
  • Awards and recognition for practitioners in the field who show consistency and contribution
  • Sponsorship and support for civility initiatives and events

A Word of Caution

The International Civility Trainers’ Consortium was established in 2001 by a group of 12 individuals including: university and elementary school teachers, a psychologist, childcare professionals, a sociologist, a lawyer, corporate consultants, a linguist, and several professional trainers and public speakers. The founding members represented Canada, Australia, Singapore, United States, India and Mexico. These industry practitioners, who each had specialized experience in his/her respective field collaborated to devise training curriculum focused on civility, etiquette, and social competence for ages 4+. This mission was undertaken as a means of addressing an identified gap in credible, practical curriculum that would meet the social skills development needs of children, youth, teens and adults in a way that would have meaningful application for users all around the world. Four of the original founders remain on the ICTC Board. Since 2001, ICTC has worked with industry partners, private businesses, community and international groups to customize and validate curriculum. In early 2015, the ICTC Board voted to make its validation process available to private schools, field practitioners, and industry experts who were seeking to offer their own certification programs. Working in partnership with these individuals and groups, ICTC is committed to ensuring the integrity of programs offered to the public.

  • Validated programs are listed on the ICTC website. CLICK HERE
  • Candidates (learners who have completed their online or in-class requirements and waiting to write the exam) for certification are listed on the ICTC website. CLICK HERE
  • Approved ICTC Validated Program Resellers and Providers are listed HERE
  • Individuals who have passed their certification exams and achieved various levels of certification status through ICTC are listed HERE
  • ICTC currently offers some Certification programs and exams in Chinese, English, and French. Arabic and  Spanish options coming soon.

ICTC Members in Good Standing

  • Louisa Akaiso – Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC
  • Dawna Atamanchuk – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Carlos Aquirre – San Diego, California
  • Dr. Renee Baker – New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia & Florida
  • Lew Bayer – Winnipeg: Manners Matter
  • Lew Bayer – USA General: Manners Matter USA
  • Dr. Karen Beard – Southern California
  • Janet Desautels – Timmins, Ontario
  • Maria Doll – Edmonton, Albera
  • Carreen Edwards – Toronto, Ontario
  • Melanie England – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Courtney Feldman – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Laurie Flasko – Niagara Falls Region, Ontario
  • Louise Fox – Toronto, Ontario: Etiquette Ladies & Etiquette Leader
  • Anjali Handa – Toronto, Ontario
  • Andrea Hannah – Manitoba: IGC Interlake
  • Misty Harris – Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  • April Harris-Helfer – Marion, Iowa
  • Kenya Key – Baltimore: IGC Baltimore
  • Jessica LoRusso – British Columbia & Alberta: Powered by Jessica and CEW license
  • Penelope Paik – Honoulu, Hawaii: Penelope Paik
  • Peggy Parks – Atlanta, Georgie: The Parks Image Group
  • Kelly Pearson – Maui, Hawaii: Business Trainer
  • Sandra Reeves – Toledo, Ohio: Reeves Etiquette & Image
  • Kent Roberts – Detroit, Michigan: National Civility Center
  • Milena Santoro – Edmonton, Alberta: Milena Santoro Events
  • Wanda Steiner – Manitoba: Kids/IGC license
  • Shelley Wilson – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Sophie Zhang – Los Angeles, California: Good Manner Learning Center
  • Leslie Zimmerman – Leesport, Pennsylvania: Cameron School of Etiquette
  • Alejandra Marroquin – Mexico
  • Ronell St. Rose – Barbados: Distance Couresty Coach
  • Kshama Choudry – India
  • Joanne Ho: Malaysia
  • Kenyu Ho: Malaysia
  • Olen Juarez-Lim – Manila, Philipines
  • Jessie Lin Brown – Taiwan
  • Yati Senu: Yati Senu School of Etiquette and Protocol
  • Eunice Tan – Singapore: Image Flair
  • Nishu Varma – India, Haryana: Manners Matter India
  • Leslie Watt – Hong Kong: Manners Matter Asia
  • Dina Abdelghaffar – Egypt: Manners Matter Egypt
  • Louisa Akaiso – Nigeria/Ghana
  • Marwan Asmar – Lebanon, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah, while the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah: Manners Matter Lebanon
  • Rene Carstens (IGC) – South Africa
  • Christie Enebeli – Lagos, Nigeria: Manners N’ More and MMNigeria
  • Jouwairia – Morocco: Business Trainer and CEW license
  • Nyarie – Mozambique: CEW license and Distance Trainer
  • Rafeequa – Private Company, Nigeria
  • Ram – India: Mody School
  • Zineb – Morocco,Qatar & Tunisi: IGC License & Distance Trainer Kids
  • Laura Akano – UK


I got the chance to fulfill an exceptional quality training conducted by a highly skilled trainer & Coach. Marwan Asmar is a real deal in the Civility training, and Coaching field.

Marianne Laham, GM, Learning is Fun
Passionate &Dynamic Trainer/Coach! Makes you adore and admire being a professional Communication & Civility Trainer. Thank you Coach Marwan!
Elissa Daher, Trainer, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Notre Dame de Secours

Since our first meeting Mr.Asmar made me think about what I really want to do and where might I succeed the most. He gives me tools to structure my goals and helped me prioritize and focus on things that really matter to me.

Sandy Khalil , NGO Specialist & Researcher

The whole training was amazing ,Marwan is full of information and he greatly delivered it .. My one on one sessions with him were a life changing experience, I today look at things differently.

Miss Amale Matta , HR & Trainer CCT

Marwan Asmar is the power of classy listening, humble giving, wise creating ..

Zalfa Chelhot , Actor/Acting coach – Les Ateliers du Chapeau

Mr. Asmar has showed all passion and dedication in delivering the various soft skills messages to our students. Simply put, students just love those etiquette sessions and are eager to live by them.

Samer Al Jamal, Principle of Beirut Evangelical School for Girl & Boys

Becoming a reseller for Civility Experts Worldwide for Canada West has been an amazingly rewarding experience.  I was very excited to and nervous when I started, but the continued support and business enhancements made my experience effortless.   Lew Bayer and her wonderful team at Civility Experts Worldwide always manage to offer advice and point me in the right direction.  It has been an incredible journey with so many rewards including business development and revenues and also personal as well.   I am so very happy I took the opportunity to be a reseller for Canada West.  I never look back but just so enthusiastic about the incredible opportunity I have in front of me.

Recently I decided to add more credibility to my Industry Leader Business Trainer program.  The best option is to get the program validated thru the International Civility Trainers Consortium  (ICTC).  Along with the many supports and the ease of the exam process, I found that the ICTC allowed me to streamline my accreditation process for my students. Ultimately ICTC allowed me to build my international reputation for myself along with adding my student’s integrity and credibility to their businesses as well.

Thank you

Jessica LoRusso, Powered Profit and Civility Experts Canada West

Ms. JessieLin Brown was recruited as an AssistantProfessor level instructor to teach a course in EMBA of Business School of Soochow University in Spring Semester of 2017. All students in this class have highly appreciated the fruitful and well-designed course content and responded very positively to the dynamic way Ms. Lin instructed in the class. They all regarded this course to be a very valuable class which improves their confidence and social ability in their job market. As the Dean of Business School, Soochow University, I appreciate the contribution of Ms. Lin to our Business School as well as to our EMBA students. Ms. Lin for sure is  one of the best expert in this field of International Etiquette.

Dr. Tsu-Tan Fu, Dean, Business School, Soochow University

First of all, I would like to thank our speaker, Ms. Olen Lim, for the insightful and lively seminar that she’s been conducting for most, if not all, UCPB associates. The program is very instrumental for each individual, may it be in the workplace, organization, household or elsewhere as we learned how to be civilized and how to handle those who are not. Cultural differences and intelligence types play a vital role on how we behave in the society. We believe that this seminar should be preached worldwide so that every human being would be aware and knowledgeable in our surroundings. Although everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, we still have to show our moral values and care for others.

Jolly Tan
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