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Governing Board

*There are 6 Acting Exam Auditors who each serve 3 year unpaid terms with ICTC. To maintain integrity of the review process, names and contact info for these ICTC representatives is not public.*

Louise Fox

Master Trainer Mentor
CEO Etiquette Ladies

Eunice Tan

International Applicant Submission Monitor
CEO of Image Flair Academy of Modern Etiquette

Lew Bayer

ICTC Spokesperson & Industry Liaison
Executive Director The Civility Center

Marwan Asmar

Director of Credentials and Validation
CEO of MA Powers

Zahra Kamalkhani

Director of Certification and Programming
Managing Director, Elan Consulting, LLC

Admin & Support

Rochelle Huppe

Interim Administrative Support
Editor Propriety Publishing
Candidate for Master Certified Civility Trainer

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